Technology Use

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)/Apportez votre propre technologie

We believe that technology can play an important role in students’ education. They can access and share information from the Internet, collaborate with others, personalize their learning, and utilize the tools available to them.

As a digital citizen, when using school or personally owned digital devices, students are expected to adhere to the Technology Responsible Use Agreement and at the discretion of their teacher.

Inappropriate use of either school technology or personal technology will result in the student’s technology (both school owned and personal) privileges being suspended or terminated; as well as school disciplinary action.

Cell Phones/Téléphone Cellulaire

Cell phones, if brought to school, are the responsibility of the student and fall under the Technology Use Agreement.

Their use during the school day is at the discretion and under the direction of the classroom teacher. Cell phones will be taken away if they are being used inappropriately.
Students’ contact with parents should be done through the school.

Students are NOT allowed to take pictures with their cell phones. 

Cameras/ Appareils photo

Unless it is a public event, such as a game or concert, we will not allow anyone to take photographs within our building, or on school property, without appropriate consent.

This applies to cell phones, iPods, Nintendo DS’s etc… as well.

Occasionally, students will use school-owned digital cameras for classroom projects.