Education Plus Fund

Education Plus Fund

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools recognizes that financially needy students may not be able to participate in extra/co-curricular school activities; therefore, an Education Plus Fund has been established to accept donations that will used to help alleviate some of these situations.


1. The Education Plus Fund must be used only for those students who, for financial reasons, would be otherwise unable to participate in extra-curricular/co-curricular activities.

2. All revenues made payable to the Education Plus Fund will be by voluntary donation and a charitable donation receipt may be issued to donors.

3. Requests for funds must be approved by the principal and then submitted to the Division Office on Form 501-1.

4. The Associate Superintendent: Business or designate will approve requests for funds.

5. Payments will be provided from the fund on a first application received, first approved basis. 

6. Where multiple requests are received at the same  time and such requests exceed the total fund balance, payments shall be prorated.

For more information visit or to obtain forms visit: Education Plus Fund