Complementary Courses

Complementary courses are designed to reinforce learning in core courses; while also providing learning experiences that allow students to explore interests that they may wish to study in more depth in high school.

Complementary courses will be offered in the areas of:

  • Industrial Arts (Construction)
  • Home Economics (Food and Fashion)
  • Fine Arts (Art, Drama, Band)
  • Digital Media & Technology
  • Skill Building for success

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What is CTF?

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF)Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) provides students in grades 5 to 9 the opportunity to explore their interests and career possibilities.

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) helps students build their understanding of the world around them as they identify and apply career and life skills.

Since fall 2016, the Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) program of studies has been approved for provincial implementation as an optional program for students Grades 5-9.

Students develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking, time management and problem solving skills through hands-on learning experiences. CTF supports the development of literacy, numeracy and competencies, which can be developed through student-focused learning opportunities that can include an interdisciplinary approach.

CTF also provides a foundation for students to transition into Career and Technology Studies (CTS) in Grades 10 through 12.


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Family School Liaison Worker

Our Family School Liaison Worker this year is Mrs. Deneed Reti-Stengel.

Cultural Awareness

Queen Elizabeth practices cultural awareness every day. Each day students have the opportunity to smudge with Sage that was personally picked by QE Gr. 7/8 students on a field trip aimed at getting to know the land.

The basic Cree language is still being taught and shared throughout the school with students and staff.  This year the students will continue to learn to sign O’Canada in Cree (Covid protocols allowing) Character building is supported by the 7 Sacred Teachings.  Students also learn the Medicine Wheel through the teachings of Elders on how we need to live a balanced life.  Also, the Sharing Circle will allow us to discuss thoughts and ideas and to resolve conflicts.

A variety of Elders will be joining us this year to provide rich and engaging learning experiences about Indigenous culture.  Our “learning by doing’ program has seen our students engaged in a large number of activities including beading, drumming, dancing and more. 

Any parents/guardians who are interested, are welcome to join and assist in these projects/teachings. (on hold until Covid Protocols are changed)

Questions?  Please call the school

Live, Love, Laugh

Hai Hai

Miss Rochelle Minde

Indigenous Support Worker