Home and School Communication

Student Agenda

Use of the agenda is an effective way of communicating between home and school. In the younger grades, we encourage you to look at and sign the agenda every day – check for homework, notes and notices of upcoming events. In the older grades, we encourage you to look through the agenda daily – check for homework, project and test dates, and notices of upcoming events.

Homeroom Teachers

Should you have a question or a concern regarding your child’s experience at school, we ask that you first direct your inquiries to your child’s homeroom teacher, or in older grades, to the subject area teacher. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact school administration.

Contacting Staff

Parents/Guardians wishing to make appointments with members of staff at Queen Elizabeth School may leave a message at the office, and the message will be forwarded to the staff member. If you wish to contact a member of the teaching staff via email, WRPS uses the following format: firstname.lastname@wrps11.ca or, contact can be made through the “Contact Us” section of the school website at www.queene.ca

Messages for Students during the School Day

In order to respect teaching and learning in the classroom, we ask that parents call the office and leave messages for their children. Please remember that students are not to be using their electronic devices, including cell phones, during school hours, unless they are part of an instructional activity.