Dress Code

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress according to the weather and class activities in a clean, neat, appropriate manner. All students at École Queen Elizabeth School from kindergarten through grade eight will be expected to abide by the dress code. Student apparel will support the standards of dress and grooming that reflect the school’s purpose as a place of learning and as a place of work. Clothing with offensive words, slogans, pictures or overtones (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc) is considered inappropriate and will not be allowed. Beach-style or revealing clothing is inappropriate. Undergarments must not be visible. Hats are to be removed when in the building and coats removed when in class. Apparel such as studded wristbands, bandannas, etc. are not permitted. Staff will inform students if they are in violation of our dress code. Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change or turn the offensive clothing inside out. 

Physical Education Dress Code

Physical Education (PE) Dress Code (Grades 5-8)

● Students must wear shorts or sweatpants.
● Students must wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt.
● Students must wear outdoor runners for outside activities.
● Sandals or street shoes are not allowed in the gym or outside for P.E. class.


K-4 Students are required to remove outdoor footwear upon entering the school. Grade 5-8 students will have the privilege of keeping their outdoor footwear on but are expected to be mindful of changing weather and cleaning off their footwear or removing if there is mud on them.

Students need to have a pair of non-marking running shoes to leave at the school for indoor use.