French Language Learning

French Language Learning

Queen Elizabeth School will be offering French Language Instruction (not French Immersion) to interested students in the 2020-2021 school year, as we anticipate implementing a viable 9-year (9Y) French as a Second Language (FSL) Program for the following school year.


French Language Instruction

French Language Instruction is different from French Immersion. French Language Instruction allows students the opportunity to learn the French language, not learn through the French language. Students learn all of their literacy and numeracy skills in English.


How French Language Instruction will be Delivered

  • All parents/guardians of students in grades 1-8 (not just students previously enrolled in French Immersion) will receive communication from the school to explain French language Instruction and ask if they wish to opt-in
  • Students who opt in will attend three (3) forty (40) minute classes a week in grades 1-4,  focusing on oral language and vocabulary development; and two (2) forty (40) minute classes a week in grades 5-8 focusing on key elements of the French as a Second Language (FSL) curriculum such as enhanced vocabulary development and oral language skills, sentence structure, grammar, leveled reading and writing activities
  • Teachers fluent in French will instruct students who opt-in to French Language Learning using authentic learning techniques such as story-telling, gestures, active collaboration and repetition. High-frequency vocabulary that is introduced with gestures and in the context of drama, music and movement allow students to achieve oral and written proficiency in French.
  • Depending on the number of students who opt-in, and their level of prior experience with the French language, there will be opportunities for beginner and advanced groups


What if my Child Does Not Opt-In?

Students who do not opt-in to French Language Learning opportunities will continue to develop and enhance their literacy skills in English at the times that their peers are engaged in French Language Learning.

French Language Learning